Are Your Manners Better than a 5th Grader? | November 1

Are Your Manners Better than a 5th Grader? | November 1

First impressions can make or break that next business deal. It can be as simple as your dining and etiquette, connecting skills and your appearance.  

Do you know what fork is yours, or how about that napkin in the coffee cup? Is it yours or the person next to you?  Or if you do, how do you handle the person next to you that doesn't and takes your napkin or water glass in error.  Learn about the basics to achieve a comfort level in the most formal dining setting.  Table etiquette and hosting skills should be second nature to anyone who entertains clients as an essential part of the corporate life.  When you enter a room, do you automatically seek out someone you know?  Great when you were in 5th grade but a disaster for getting new business.  Learn to mix with the right people at your next networking opportunity, or trying to keep a conversation going without doing all the talking, and using your business cards to your advantage.  When you are in these business situations, how is your overall appearance?  You don't have to look like a model to be professionally dressed and make a good impression.  Get sensitive tips to fit your style, shape and budget.

Today's business professional knows the importance of first impressions . . . and lasting impressions.  Let this session provide a quick and easy resource to help you polish your etiquette and give well-mannered attention to your clients so you are better than your competition and definitely that of a 5th grader.

Our presenter is Colleen A. Rickenbacher CMP, CSEP, CPC, CPECP

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