• Giving Voice to the Hospitality Industry
    Giving Voice to the Hospitality Industry
  • Supporting Your Success
    Supporting Your Success
  • Membership that pays
    Membership that pays

The Hotel Association of North Texas is one of the most active hotel associations in the country. We give voice to business in the hospitality industry on issues ranging from new industry guidelines to legislation.


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We recommend only vendors we trust to work with our members. Find one

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Post Jobs, Sign-up for Events, Learn about Hospitaliltly Trends. Portal


We promote Hospitality Jobs for our Members and encourage people to work in our industry. Post | Search

Training & Certifications

TABC, First Aid, Food Handler & Food Manager are all classes we offer on an ongoing basis. Register

Direct Connect

Bringing our Hotels together with Endorsed Vendors and seeing both succed is crucial. Connect


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Highlights & Spotlight


2015 Scholarships Applications are now available. Why don't you apply and get involved in the Hospitality Industry!


  • Membership That Pays For Itself
  • Mayor Mike Rawlings 2013 Annual Meeting
  • 2013 Scholarship Luncheon
  • Brook, Klukan 2013 Annual Meeting
  • Signup 2013 Annual Meeting
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