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Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID)


The Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID) was established to generate supplemental funds to help market and promote Dallas as a premier convention and tourism destination.

The DTPID expends it funds in the following ways:

  • Incentives & Sales Efforts (42.5%)
  • Marketing (35%)
  • Site Visits & Familiarization Tours (10%)
  • Event Funding for Arts & Culture (7.5%)
  • Operations, Research and Administration (5%)

Since its inception in 2012, the city wide group leads that have converted to definite business is up from 29% to 41% today.

For every dollar the DTPID has expended in sales incentives, it has produced $14 in hotel room night activity for Dallas.

Overall the total economic impact to Dallas has been $1.8 billion.

Historical Background

The District is made up of hotel properties within the city limits of Dallas with 100 or more hotel rooms and pay a 2% assessment on their occupied rooms.

The current term for the DTPID is thirteen years and is expected to bring in approximately $15 million per year in support of its mission of marketing and selling the City of Dallas.

A board of directors consisting of participating DTPID hoteliers direct the use of all funds generated.

For more information, please visit the DTPID website.