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HANTX Inaugural HOT(el) Chef Throwdown



What is the format of this Throwdown? Each chef will be challenged to create their “signature” dish. It can be a Baked Alaska to Bouillabaisse – it’s what you do better than anyone else. Whatever you decide to present should be able to be considered a “complete plate” with a featured item whether sweet or savory.

How much time will we have to prepare our dish? Each chef will have a one-hour cook time from start to finish. All elements of a competition entry must be created onsite and during the allotted time. No previously cooked or prepared entries will be accepted.

How many people can be on our team? The teams are limited to a max of 3 people – for example a Chef, Sous Chef, Assistant or Chef and two assistants.

What equipment will be available at the venue? Each contestant will have access to a minimum of four dedicated gas burners and one stainless steel prep table as well as shared use of a convection oven, charbroiler, fryer, flat top griddle, prep sink, dish sink, handwash station, tabletop 5 quart mixer, blender, Robot Coupe food processor and handheld immersion blender. Typical pots, pans, sheet pans and roasting racks are available for use. Any specialized equipment and all knives and hand tools need to be brought by the competitor.

Are there any special ingredients that are to be used for this competition? There is no secret ingredient or basket to use in this competition – it is your signature dish. Chefs will bring in their own ingredients. There will be a limited general pantry available for small condiments and incidentals.

Are there any special presentation rules to be followed? For this competition, Chefs need to prepare one presentation dish and three sample dishes for the judges.

How will each team be judged? Each Chef will be judged by a panel of three WFC-certified judges. The judges will judge each entry on Execution, Appearance and Taste. Each entry will be scored on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the best (for more information on WFC’s proprietary EAT™ Methodology-

Why is there a cost for this event? The entry fee for the competition is to help support the Hotel Association of North Texas’ Scholarship program. This program provides those interested in pursuing a hospitality career or for those already in the industry, expanding their knowledge, opportunities to apply for Associates, Undergraduate, and Continuing Education scholarships.

What happens if we are awarded a Golden Ticket? A Golden Ticket will be awarded to the top 5 winning chefs.  This gives the chef the opportunity to pick one category to compete in one of the following categories (Dessert, Rice & Noodle, Sandwich, Seafood, and Vegetarian) at the 2022 World Food Championship, beginning November 9th.

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